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Evidence of termite swarmers, or alates, resembling flying ants, indicate that termites are infesting a structure and an inspection is needed as soon as possible. Don't panic modern control techniques are safe and effective, and termites work relatively slowly.  A termite inspection will allows us to determine the best method of treatment. 

Termites spend most of their time underground in their colony or foraging for food. When termites are above ground, they build shelter tubes or "Mud tubes". Termite shelter tubes may be visible on infested wood or concrete foundations, pipes, and drywall. Termite  tubes are sometimes be seen going up exterior foundation walls, behind door jambs or on sheetrock. . 

Evidence can often be hidden for years before being detected and takes a well trained eye to spot termite activity, we recommend a professional termite inspection at least once a year. Elite Termite & Pest Services offers free termite inspections and estimates in Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

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