Elite Termite Pest Services has a solution to your ant problems. We will identify the ant  and use various baits and other methods to eliminate your ant problem fast. There are many types of ants and treatments will vary depending on the ant species. Ants, including carpenter ants, and pavement ants are social insects, like bees and termites they live in large colonies where a queen ant is the only fertile female and is groomed and fed by the worker ants. 

Carpenter ants often live in hollow areas in trees and other dead wood. They will occasionally build a nests within wall voids, in attics and crawlspaces and can damage wood. A recurring sawdust-like substance, or frass, or a large number of large ants, is a strong indication that there is a nest within the structure and a specialized treatment is necessary.

Many ant species produce winged reproductive "swarmers", which are similar in appearance to termite "swarmers" in the spring and fall. Flying ant swarmers like carpenter ants are often mistaken for termite swarmers. Termite swarmers shed their wings a short time after flight. It is always helpful to keep a few insects for identification in the event there are none visible during inspection.

Acrobat ants have a slightly larger than pavement ants, with distinct heart shaped abdomens. Argentine ants and pharaoh ants among others are also found in the DFW area.

                       Carpenter Ant                                         Pharoah Ant                                           Acrobat Ant              

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